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A Big Thank You!
I just want to say a big thank you to Wakeboard Towers UK and especially to Mike for all his help the last few months.

My association with WTUK started when I decided to buy a pylon for my maxum 1900. I had ummed and ahhhed about weather or not to get a tower and in the end decided to get a pylon, as it would be easy to put up and down. I ordered the pylon from Wakeboard Towers UK and as promised it arrived the next day. I put it up and instantly realised that I should have gone with my heart and got tower as the pylon took up so much space. One call to mike and he arranged for one of their pro series towers and a rack to be delivered (again next day) and all I had to do was pay the difference and pop the pylon back in the post to him.

The pro series tower is a cracking bit of kit and very well put together. The best part was the fitting instructions. I’m a boat builder but even I needed clarification at times and this is where mikes incredible after sales comes in, I rang him several times whilst fitting the tower and he couldn’t have been more helpful.

I recently decided to sort out the sound system on my boat and Wakeboard Towers UK were my first point of call. I have lost count of the number of phone calls and text messages i have sent Mike whilst deciding on what kit I wanted and have changed my mind several times. In the end I went for a Fusion MS-IP500 and Wetsounds xs-650 components. Mike even sold me an ex demo IP500 for a cracking price so that I wouldn’t go over budget. I decided to for a kicker amp to power my sub and the wetsounds and even though mike is a Kicker dealer he told me to get on ebay and advised me what amp to get even though he wasn’t going to profit from it.

I would like to make it clear that I have no commercial affiliation with WTUK. I just think it’s very important to support the good guys in the marine industry. Mike has gone above and beyond to make sure every purchase I have made has arrived and been fitted without a hitch.

I would recommend anyone wanting anything tower, audio or any other wakeboard accessory get in touch with Wakeboard Towers UK as they really do go that extra mile whilst being uber competitive on price!

Posted by Tom Southern on Wakechat.com, this post can be viewed here.

Boat Audio Order

Hey Mike,
Got the shipment this Tuesday.
Just wanted to say thanks for the pleasant and smooth handling from you guys :-)
I have some time off today so i hope to be putting in the sub and finish up cabling today.

Randy Schumacher (The Netherlands).

The case of a lost bolt

Hi Mike,
What a brilliant service – in actual fact components have already arrived including the lost 316 stud so unless we lose another one we should be OK.  If only all companies could be as quick and efficient as yourselves!!

Very many thanks,