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Marine Audio & Lighting

Marine Audio and Lighting from Wakeboard Towers UK. Marine audio and lighting equipment available is as follows: Tower Speakers, In Boat Speakers, Head Units, Amplifiers, EQ's and Electronics. In addition to the above we also have Remote Controls, Underwater Lighting and Tower Lighting.



  • Tower Speakers

    Why limit the tunes to the boat? Jam 80ft behind the boat and hook up a mic like Wetsounds WS-420 EQ with Mic so you can use these speakers as a coaching aid/beach communication device. Tower speakers are growing in popularity as when used appropriately are the perfect tool for getting the party going. If looking for the best all round value then try out Kickers KMT6 Tower system, but if you need something extra special then look towards pro-audio tower speakers from the likes of Wetsounds which can be found here: Wetsounds Pro 80 Tower Speakers. When adding tower speakers you will need an Amplifier from our Marine Audio section and some wiring which we can supply. Please call for advice if you need it; we're always happy to help. We can also install and tune your system for you if required.

  • In Boat Speakers

    You can improve the sound in your boat massively by a simple speaker change. Adding a more powerful source and speaker will also allow you to enjoy the tunes whilst underway! If looking to upgrade the source unit (head unit) click here. If you are looking to boost total sound output then our amplifier page will be of interest. As with any technical system, speccing a system can become complex very quickly. It's also important to note that great sounding systems aren't neccesserily about spending geat deals of money. Pairing the right components with a well thought out installation is far more crucial. If you'd like some help on this please give us a call on 08448 11 22 90.

  • Head Units

    Marine stereo, the source of your music is arguably the most important feature - not only can it affect the sound quality, but also how you can play your tunes - Think about adding iPod, Radio, Bluetooth or increasing the power output in order to increase your aural pleasure!

  • Amplifiers

    Amp up the power with one of our many Marine Amplifiers - Whether its tower speakers or in-boat speakers - we have a unit for you!

  • EQ's and Electronics
  • Remote Controls

    Why limit control of your stereo to the glove box or helm? Adding remotes around the boats make it easier to control the party from the swim platform, bow or anywhere else you care to venture!

  • Underwater Lighting

    For the ultimate in added safety and style around the boat think about adding underwater lighting...

  • Tower Lights

    Underwater Lighting

  • Stereo Bundles

    Stereo Bundles

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