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Tower Accessories

Adding items like Wakeboard & Waterski racks can make a night and day difference to your boat by keeping clutter out of the boat. This section presents many ideas on how to transform your boat; and if you need any further help, call an adviser on 01270 580180. We keep far more in stock than is displayed on this website so if you require something different, or a particular item please get in touch



  • Racks

    Get added function as well as form from your tower by adding a couple of Wakeboard racks to the mix - not only do they get all your kit out of the boat, they also provide a place for it to dry off. This is the place to find Wakeboard Racks, Waterski Racks, Surfboard racks and more. We keep a wide selection in stock so please let us know what you're looking for!

  • Bimini Tops

    A bimini top is the ideal tool to keep the sunshine (and liquid sunshine) off your back. A wise investment especially if you have young children on board or plan to stay out during the hottest hours of the day. Standard Bimini tops are great for offering shelter, but Cargo bimini tops go the extra mile by adding aplace to store kneeboards, surfboards, inflatables and more. Bimini tops are generally to order as they are custom for each boat but we do keep the more popular sizes in stock so please check with us.

  • Tower Mirrors

    Fed up of cricking your neck every time you want to catch the action behind the boat? Bored of the 'sideways squat' from trying to keep an eye forwards and aft? Well add a Tower Mirror and enjoy increased safety as well as being able to check the moves going on behind the boat... Tower Mirrors are now commonplace on all boats so if you are missing one you are missing out! Being able to keep a clear view ahead and behind is a must for all helmsmen. All of our Tower mirrors have matching accessories such as Wakeboard Racks, Ski racks and tower speakers; if adding one check which items you already have and we'll make sure everything matches.

  • Tower Lights

    Light up the night and extend your riding into the dusk! When boating into the evening and beyond a few Tower lights are the ideal companion. All lights can be adjusted to allow lighting of the boat as well as the surrounding area. Wiring is straightforward but installation is always available from us. Lights can be operated off a free Accessory switch on the dash or wired into a seperate switch. If you like these you may want to check out our underwater lighting section!

  • Tower Speakers

    Why limit the tunes to the boat? Jam 80ft behind the boat and hook up a mic like Wetsounds WS-420 EQ with Mic so you can use these speakers as a coaching aid/beach communication device. Tower speakers are growing in popularity as when used appropriately are the perfect tool for getting the party going. If looking for the best all round value then try out Kickers KMT6 Tower system, but if you need something extra special then look towards pro-audio tower speakers from the likes of Wetsounds which can be found here: Wetsounds Pro 80 Tower Speakers. When adding tower speakers you will need an Amplifier from our Marine Audio section and some wiring which we can supply. Please call for advice if you need it; we're always happy to help. We can also install and tune your system for you if required.

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