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Towers & Pylons

The Wakeboard Tower is the center of the wakeboard boat experience. Adding a wakeboard tower to a waterski boat or a recreational I/O or outboard boat will improve your wakeboarding experience and enhance the overall look of your boat. Universal wakeboard towers tend to be the most popular options as they fit almost any boat, whilst custom wakeboard towers will have generally been designed specifically for your boat by its manufacturer. Towers can be accessorised with all sorts of toys like racks, tower speakers and bimini tops If you have any questions please contact one of our wakeboard tower experts at 01270 580180



  • Universal Towers

    Universal Wakeboard Towers, like the Monster Tower, are the way to go for all the style and functionality of a custom tower but with the added convenience of an off the shelf product that can be on your boat the day after ordering! We aim to keep all wakeboard towers, racks, lights, mirrors and accessories in stock ready for next day delivery. Remember that delivery is always free if you spend over £200! If you need your wakeboard tower installing, simply call 01270 580180 to arrange installation.

  • Custom Towers

    This is the route to go if you want ultimate quality, manufacturer looks and style. These towers are generally built to order as they are custom to each boat so expect a 4-6 week delay. We advise that you have install custom towers are they can be more challenging to install. Professional wakeboard tower installation will ensure a perfect fit and finish.

  • Wakeboard Pylons

    A pylon is a great way to get hang time without the expense of adding a wakeboard tower - they are also removable without the need for permanent fixtures. Wakeboard pylons, or a 'wakeboard pole' as they are often referred can be moved from boat to boat and require no permanent fixings.